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November 20, 2008

I am You are We are-Anna

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I am
I am tired
I am
I am sad
I am
I am unadmired
I am
I am mad
I am
I am ignored
I am
I am in tears
I am
I am bored
I am
I am here
You are
You are scared
You are
You are quite
You are
You are there
You are
You are admired
We are
We are apart
We are
We are
We are
We are


Fullmoon Floatsom-Lesley

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 Three live in town
one goes up and two go down
The river,

Little but special her look on the ride,
even though the trip up to heaven
is ticketed by
guardians suppose to make sure
she lives
NOT she dies,

In this river of theirs
or ours
in this time
of war,

But in war
soldiers come home
not ready to face
crying and whaling again…
in this place
called home
they crave

Paramedics come out
when the phone call comes in
as an accidental fate
in this river of half ridden

a father exclaims
“I fell down on her
from the stairs…”

She doesn’t float.
So the paramedics race
to take care of her
in this barge
and prison
war makes
for all…
of us,

Old wounds
and broken ribs
New wounds
too rich and new
to forgive.

too late
too much
too many
too young to tell about any
of her feelings,

like the flotsam
scores of
damaged and drifting

a sea of

St. Michael take her to the awaiting passion and protection of God.
on a fullmoon.


He said she was 4 months old
The mother, out in the field (that means army training)

The father in from Iraq, “tripping and
falling down the stairs
on top of her…”


Full Moon Floatsom

When my husband got there
the little girl had an old puncture wound to the liver and
a new one now…
She had fractures of old broken ribs
and a few more now,
she had a faint breath.
She was floating up river tonight.

He turns it in steps away.

I don’t know what to think
Except, stop this war on our young families
because they need to mature and understand themselves with their babies,
let them be defenders and protectors of their families first. Let time give responsibility and love a chance in such young Americans.

My husband cried because he didn’t know before today or in
his mind he could have stopped it, saved her

I, with usually little to say to his desperate experiences taking care

of soldiers, just had to believe SHE was on her warm way to heaven.


November 19, 2008

Our Winter Wonderland-Anna

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The frost cannot touch your fingers. Those magical music makers you possess. Your cheeks will never go without color. Forever will you feel alive. There will no longer be a need for fire places. We’ll curl up and cuddle, warming each other, body heat to body heat. The cold can never harm you while you’re with me. I will be your shelter from the ice and snow. One kiss can melt away you’re sorrow. Winter can be you’re wonderland if you’re willing to let it. Embrace the beauty of the cold and I’ll warm your heart. We’ll make fire from this love. Come the end of Winter, you’ll wish it to start over again. No other season can compare to the magnificence that is Our Winter Wonderland.

My Canvas -Anna

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Blue-the emptiness in my soul.
Black-the hole in my dreams.
Red-the anger in these tears.
Green-the envy of my heart.
Purple-the jealousy in my thoughts.
Orange-the gapin my present.
Grey-the state of my emotions.
Pink-the dull in my spirit.
Yellow-the facade of my appearence.
Brown-the false in my hopes.
White-the clean canvas to start this painting over again.
I crumbled up the paper and threw it away. I burned the brushes to mix new paint. I washed down the dirty water to start clean. I began to paint this new dream. With softer strokes and wider lines, I’ll build new roads and I’ll take my time.

Time Fades-Anna

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As the tall grass aways in the wind, my heart aches to see you again. My eyes fill with tears and my stomach turns with fear. Those days, our days, are long gone. Now memories, older with each dawn. Threw this foggy glass window I see these empty feilds, like the emptiness in my heart. With only hope for these wonds to heal and the grace of the worlds beauty to keep me whole as to not fall apart, I treck on in my journey. You will always have my love and I will always be here. As our time passes like the wind so will these tears.

Forgive and Forget-Anna

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And so there they were, the letters that formed the words to which I never thought I’d hear him say or that I would read. They came as such a shock to me. My chest felt heavy and warm, and I couldn’t breathe. I gave myself a moment of silence. I wasn’t sure what to say. I sat up on the edge of my bed, then blankly walked to the shower and turned it on. I wasn’t sure what to do.

I got into the hot shower. The water boiling my skin, I stood there. Thinking to myself, “I couldn’t be angry, that would be hypocritical.” I was however upset. I know I had also been in the wrong, but it just didn’t sound like something he would do.

The fact that it did happen wasn’t what upset me. The fact that I put myself through hell and back to not loose him brought tears to my eyes.  Although I would do it again, I felt foolish for all those times I cried.

I feel now, I wish I was ignorant to the fact.

Yet it happened and I know.

So I forgive and forget and it shall remain water under the bridge. There is nothing anyone can do now to erase what had been done.

The day started so peaceful and loving. I was in happy spirits and ok with being by myself all day, as long as I could talk to him.

I fear since, I cannot smile and “I love you” makes me cry. I cry for him to be here, to hold me and make me smile. To look into those eyes and be safe within his arms is all I ask. I want to feel secure again, like there’s nothing in the world but us.

I cannot be alone today, I cannot worry my head. I know that things will be ok. I know I’ll completely forget. It may take some time for my mind to unwind. I love you with all my heart. I’m sure as sure can be that you’ll make me happy. There will always be those rough times and I know I can forgive. I believe it when you tell me you love me and that I will never forget.

The Other Night-Anna

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Outside I sit. Friends all gathered around, laughing in conversation. I can hear their voices in the background as I think of you. My hand on my shoulder, wishing it was yours. I long to feel your touch again. The cool air breezes past my face and I look to the sky. I feel I will walk out again into the dark and sit alone.

We gather inside for more group conversation and I can feel tears rising. I then tune in to the people around me and hold them in.

Soon the room is empty. Everyone has gone to bed with the one they love and I am left on the sofa; alone.

Alone again, I venture out to the stars. Listening to soft classical music, I sit on the edge and watch the trees sway in the wind. Each branch moves with each lyrical note. The evening brings in the cool air to grace my face and give me chills. The sky then enchants my gaze as I wonder if you see what I see. One star constellation sticks out in my mind and my memories. The Big Dipper, a sight for sore eyes.

How I wished to be with you. Be held by you. Be safe and warm in your embrace. Try as I might the tears gather again only to pour out. One tear, then two. If only I could enjoy the sound of your comforting voice. My anxious heart feels with excitement and wonder. I then begin to visualize the future and what it may hold. My life with you in all our glory. Imagining our picnic on the soft sandy beach and how you would hold me while we watch movies.

Then three months later. I can see you dressing the part. Me in my fanciest attire. We walk into the room almost like we own the place. We fit.

Now inside gazing at he ceiling and wondering what time it may be. Still listening to the music, I lay my head flat and finally fall asleep. It was four a.m. and my mind was of you. As my eyes closed my mind stayed open; dreaming.

Erotic Love Story-Anna

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Imaging in slow motion the way you search for me across the room. I hide behind my fan hoping for you not to find me. My eyes study you as you survey the room and then you are lost in the crowd. Then from behind I feel the warmth of your breath and the soft whisper of your voice. Your arm wraps around mine and you lead me out to dance. Timid in my desire, I hesitate to come forward and take your hand. With no time to make up my mind, you grab at my waist and pull me in.

Waltz around the room holding on so tight as if for dear life. Your hand to my lower back brings butterflies to my middle and my heart jumps. I look up to see your eyes on nothing else but me. I cannot look away. I feel forever stuck in your gaze. My eyes finally then wonder down the curve of your nose to your lips. The very sight at which make my mouth water for your kiss. Tighter you pull so that I can feel every inch of your powerful body against mine. My knees shake at the pure desire I feel. I want to melt into your arms. You spin me around making me dizzier then I am with just the scent of you. I want to fling my head back and let you take me. Take me where we stand, where we dance.

The dance is coming to an end. How I wish to stay here in this moment forever. There you bow and I curtsy. As I turn to walk away and collect myself, I feel your rough hands on mine. You turn me around and escort me to the window. There we are covered by all. Covered so that none can see as you kneel on one knee and ask of me the thing I have longed for most. There you and only you can see the utter delight in my face. You gather your strength and stand to meet my gaze. Your beautiful brown eyes mesmerize me. Through this trance, everything feels like a dream.

Without a word you gently take my hand and pull me to another room. There you place the promise on my finger and kiss my hand. Up my arm your lips continue. My bare chest welcomes your touch. The silk embrace of my dress is gentle as it flows down. I tend to the buttons on your white collard shirt. There I reveal your strapping figure. My fingers lightly caress your solid chest. I am then distracted by your tough hand caressing my skin as you move from my chest to my small fragile neck. As your fingers twist in my hair I grab at you. I’ve never known a want like this. You then grab my hair and pull forcibly to show my neck to your soft full lips. Kissing my neck and caressing my figure, I melt into you. With your hand behind my head you gently lay me down on the large kinglike bed.

I can feel the sure power of you as you take me. In every thrust I moan. My finger nails dig into your sweaty bulging shoulders. My toes curl and my head leans back in this deepest of ecstasy. You put your hand on my chest with your fingers out stretched. Your other hand wrapped around my back. Then slowly you lift me. My breasts caress your face as your arms hold me closer and tighter. Together our bodies are as one. Our legs intertwine and our fingers connect.

Awaken to you. I watch as you sleep soundly. I’m taken back with your manly essence and your strong build. You hold me in one arm and there we lay for the morning sun.

He’s Everything You Want-Anna

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Imaging a walk
Down the length of the beach
Held hand in hand
I see this in my dreams
The sun setting behind us
The air cools my face
The water grazing our feet
The soft sand of this place
And the colors of the sky
There you’ll find me happiest
No tears in my eye
Awaken to the sweet smell of you

Flowers in my hair
A kiss on my mind
You hug me and caress my figure
Our legs intertwine
There’s nothing I could want more
Then to lay there with you
Happier then before
In this love for two

The rough touch of your hands
Tantalize my skin
Erotic in every touch
You look at me with a half spoken grin
Ready to take me
Yet leaving me to crave more
Expressing full joy freely
I moan for you
I want you fully
Come to me
Kissing every inch on your way up
Stay with me
Hold me in this love

Chase Me!!-Anna

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You’ll always be my little sweetheart! We’ll be the sun and the moon, chasing each other through the years. It rains when we cry and we shine brightest when we are happiest. We will never meet except during the eclipse of our hearts and our eternal kiss. Momentarily caressed and then again in the chase. I love you!

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