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November 19, 2008

Only a Dream-Anna

Filed under: Lonliness,Madness — peopleandthings @ 2:55 am

Running downstairs to answer the door. Stumbling over my feet. Who could it be? Has the day finally come? Awake with tired eyes from lack of sleep the night before. But, how could I sleep, knowing what lies beyond the night? Do my eyes falter me? Shinning metal with a darkened blue figure. A lift of a hat and the face appears. My heart jumps and skips a beat. Flying sky high on a cloudy day. The wind drops me and picks me back up. The feeling makes my knees shake. Through the blurred vision of the glass on the door, I make out your face. Electricity fills my fingers as I grab the door knob and turn. Every night the stars shine on me and I wish upon the moon to see you again. As the door creeks open and I fall into your arms, it suddenly feels like a dream. I’ve missed you and your arms and your smile that drags from ear to ear. Now I have you. Deeper I gaze and the sun blurrs it out. My eyes open again to a darkened room. Silently the music plays in the background and the warmth of my bed caresses me. I understand now that I was dreaming. A dream through an anxious heart and reality reveals three more weeks and the dream can be real.


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