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November 19, 2008

Romance in the Skies-Anna

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Where have the stars gone? They are captured by the midnight sky, clouding the moon, as the air begins to cry. Away nature hides into Earth’s safety net. There to wait out the cries and escape the wet. As romantic and wondrous as the stars can be, I sit and wonder why it rains so? Then jump to my feet. Feeling the emotion and watching rain glow. Closing my eyes and thinking of you, this song plays in my head. The rain falls as the heavens cry and there you find me shivering. I can hear the drops hit the ground and feel the warmth of you. My heart only then begins to drown in this emotion of truth. I open my eyes to see you starring. You never stopped caring, you never gave up and now I cannot think of a thing to say. I just stare back then realize my surroundings. The sky is black with dots of light. The rain has stopped and the moon hangs bright. Creatures come out of their hidding holes and you move in and take a hold. Grabbing my hand and pulling me close, you kiss my wet check. Hugging me tightly and making my knees weak. You whisper slightly in my ear so that I am the only one to hear. My eyes begin to glow wet with tears and my heart is lifted once more.


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