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July 30, 2011

Why do I have a smart phone?

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I talk to who on the phone? My work for 1min and my mom for maybe an hr a month. My brothers? no not really. My aunt not so much. I text a greeting here and maybe a question there. The fb sometimes teases and or tortures to a point I cannot bare. The games, they really bore me. The battery life sucks. A blank notification bar I see. Waiting and watching, for what? Damn phone gives headaches that are really pounding. This phone beckons, calling out to me to ignore my surroundings. So y do I have a smart phone? Bc I’d sadly feel lost without it.


July 4, 2011


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“A beam of light shimmering through. Bounces around like a prism, giving off an airless carefree radiance. The beauty of this shine does not run deep. Inside lay the truth behind the visible. A trail of moisture remains, descending from curve to curve. Smells like nothing. Salty to taste. Each speck carries a memory, as if to discard the thought. Harder and faster the fall. A throbbing pain and a weakened structure.”     – Me

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