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May 30, 2012


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These written on my blocks.

These blocks built my walls.

These walls I thought I locked.

This lock you broke, this lock that falls.

Viewable holes.

Viewable burn marks.

Viewable rips and pulls.

More viewable scars.

again I must build.

Begin again with A.

My heart yeilds….

You decide to stay.


Pour Me a Drink

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A dab of anxiety, a dash of lame, a pinch of sadness and a splash of pain. Add a touch of spice and a stitch to mend. No chaser mind you, I’ll do it on my own. Light it with a match to and watch me in my zone.

Step out on the dance floor and drop it like I’m drunk. Definitely not craving anymore of this funk. Run out of the cloud and into the streets. Down the sidewalk and stumble over my feet. Asphalt digs under my skin and then the tears come rolling in. Can only hold in so much at a time. Then my decisions don’t seem as fine.

As the mascara burns my watered eyes, I taste all that drink unsettled inside. With nothing else to keep it down, out it comes all around. Taunting and pushing to be set free, blocking the air so I can’t breath.

The last thing I remember is my head hitting the ground, only to wake up to such a silent sound. Nothing around me, not a single peep. What the hell happened to me in that street?

My face hurts and my mouth is so dry. I can feel the tenderness as I wipe my eyes. Can’t remember what was done or what was said. All I know is I made it back to bed.

Blank is my mind, I can no longer think. Finally some peace now that the baggage has ceased. Down the road I may need you to pour me another drink.


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