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June 6, 2013

It is a Brazen Conflict

if life seems fine then,

it turns always to a brazen conflict.

Something wrong certainly happens that day.


Of course if life tries to be at its worst,

there is definitely a brazen conflict.

With what seems to be precise demands that

the day or DAYS stretch forever, until they come to a STOP.


In this time, somehow the world has imposed itself,

asking for more momentum to…

build that shit up to start over again;I guess I expected to see the world circle round,

religion told me to, so did my parents wisdom, my grandparents drove it home with their unified message about

a brazen conflict and its vapor on love.

Did you not expect it?




February 24, 2010


My Childhood was incredible, it set me up to understand the world in some mighty different ways…that is why I can’t ever blame my parents for anything.
This poem is for Anna. Do you regret your childhood, Dear?

Lift* raft,
Lift it,
Hear the fish clapping
It’s a pain,

Circling of elation
I should be thinking about my day,
When is my dad suppose to die?
Pink star ‘Possy” it’s a pane,
Real “it’s a plain pain”,

Left home,
To my talking…
… survive

say…take the colors and patterns
And use them the way your
toes feel in sand,
or snow.
Always, against the wind.
It will show.


Let me point
Fish, birds, flowers, mountain views, and seascapes, eye color and a smile,
heart beats in the hands…

July 23, 2009


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Only come from one thing

If you were trying something evil
Then your mistake
makes out that way

If you were trying
and it doesn’t go forward
That day

Only time says

Mistakes are inevitable

May 2, 2009


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Can one imagine what one word says?

Pretty sure it has pants’ lengths versus,



Render everything then

The earth,


Problem from me so

I sag,


Figuring blame

Somebody in the


Oh well


Water creeps up

Even where

It ain’t needed


Then the power

Of showers feed



That lonesome


Making miracles from


===it’s credence

March 8, 2009

Saturday Morning 1970-Lesley

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I live far, far away from my dad

(and my mom)

But I think he chose

to wrestle exotic snakes.

Now that I think back.


She was probably mad,
because she felt exotic too.

 And seasons that

I did not understand.

I will only remember that morning for what

It is.



January 29, 2009

Ode to John Updike-mama mama mia mama mom just be there if you do not mind-Lesley

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Meeee maaaa mima my mia no naaaaa no anybody
just me I think…
I think that has it pretty straight
For now

Could go to
any possibilities

See bueno see- si estar
yeh bueno
Right,then left,

Si beuno,
forgot about them too,


there must be…
to put it

I think our children will all say,

Go to0 far
See it’s easy

when it’s put in to words,

December 31, 2008

This called life and love. -Anna

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I sit in this car. As the wheels turn, I sit. Their mouths move but I cannot hear them. The speakers play, loudly, these songs, these truths.
Everything around me doesn’t feel real. I’m stuck. Forbidden to leave. All I can think about is what may have happend…? Can it be fixed? Is this what I really wanted? Did I make a mistake?
All I can see is your face. All I can feel are butterflies.
Are they of disgust, torture, anxiety or just my nerves?
I tried to wait. Then I got wrapped up in something new. It failed. So there I was, stuck.
I waited. I tried to keep waiting. That’s all I’ve ever done. That’s all I know.
So I wait and see.
I hope and pray this is what I need.
Confusion will always be on my mind. On my shoulder. That’s what makes these things so difficult. This life. This love.
I know I’ll miss your touch, your sense of appreciation, your smile. I’ll miss you.
Why is life so unfair as to give me two of the one thing I’ve always wanted?
I hit a fork in this scary road.
So, is it to the left or the right?
Maybe I’ll stick with the middle……….

December 20, 2008

FORTRAN, formula translator-Lesley

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So I am worried about my son going to Costa Rica with his asshole dad

who last year tried to throw him in jail in an airport, brought the cops up to question him

about nothing…they finally asked my boy…is this man bothering you?


Now because of some quirk of money the dad, mother fucker, can afford to take him to Costa Rica, and against my own apprehensions I said it will be a good experience……..kinda…..if the boy is arrested in an airport out of the country what do I do?





Angle to the left

not knowing what’s next

It’s something I want to say


I don’t fucking

Care what day


I don’t FUCKING  care


Isn’t that what you said

To me over an over again

I do care…


In some forbearing way




only relative


December 18, 2008

Piss Your Pants-Lesley


How would that happen?


For many of the world besides the United States, it could be

what  happens when a bomb just exploded-

next door of your house,

instead of across the street,


Or maybe, in the USA

It could be

Some magnificent  theatrical work,


As a kid,

you watch a magician,

pull a rabbit out of a hat,


It could be all of that-

Instead of laugh,

Piss Your Pants.




December 14, 2008

Taffeta, Calico, and Seams-Lesley

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The only reason we have cloth at all is because people from the stone age figured out how to weave some of the many fibers they were accumulating after they ate. They were figuring out how to use it not because they needed to; they could have just discarded it, yet they found a use….we are in a world wide depression, I think we should do the same.




A place where pieces join

Sometimes it feels like a

Tear drop


it feels like the rain.




you aren’t trying,

to change,




Like food, clothing, and shelter,

force you forward,



 I Know people have hearts, and they go to Big Lots or other stores that are good to buy simple things…

blankets, baby toys, food….there are a lot of local shelters, try your churches for one toy, one blanket, a few cans of food.

merry Christmas to all of us………

Birth of Christ.

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