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June 6, 2013

It is a Brazen Conflict

if life seems fine then,

it turns always to a brazen conflict.

Something wrong certainly happens that day.


Of course if life tries to be at its worst,

there is definitely a brazen conflict.

With what seems to be precise demands that

the day or DAYS stretch forever, until they come to a STOP.


In this time, somehow the world has imposed itself,

asking for more momentum to…

build that shit up to start over again;I guess I expected to see the world circle round,

religion told me to, so did my parents wisdom, my grandparents drove it home with their unified message about

a brazen conflict and its vapor on love.

Did you not expect it?




February 24, 2010


My Childhood was incredible, it set me up to understand the world in some mighty different ways…that is why I can’t ever blame my parents for anything.
This poem is for Anna. Do you regret your childhood, Dear?

Lift* raft,
Lift it,
Hear the fish clapping
It’s a pain,

Circling of elation
I should be thinking about my day,
When is my dad suppose to die?
Pink star ‘Possy” it’s a pane,
Real “it’s a plain pain”,

Left home,
To my talking…
… survive

say…take the colors and patterns
And use them the way your
toes feel in sand,
or snow.
Always, against the wind.
It will show.


Let me point
Fish, birds, flowers, mountain views, and seascapes, eye color and a smile,
heart beats in the hands…

May 2, 2009


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Can one imagine what one word says?

Pretty sure it has pants’ lengths versus,



Render everything then

The earth,


Problem from me so

I sag,


Figuring blame

Somebody in the


Oh well


Water creeps up

Even where

It ain’t needed


Then the power

Of showers feed



That lonesome


Making miracles from


===it’s credence

March 8, 2009


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When you are young,
there seems a million ways,
to everything.
Are you at 50(?), half as many.

Reach one hundred,
Still could be something different
at least once. Yeaaaaaaaah.

I workin’ to be there.

December 24, 2008

Lithesome Tag-Lesley

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The truth is that verse in Ephesians 5 recognizes the differences in males and females in Christian marriage and assigns different roles for. I really like this poem because it is the description between the differences in each for thoughts on romantic sex.

It’s A

Lithesome Tag


No one locates it deep inside

It’s just yours

They can’t find it

Even if they look

Yet, it’s pliant


Then one day some

Bee’s wondering ways

come round

Old in town

Knows where to

Shake it up


Bring you out

Find the spot that

Seems to hide

Just enough

To keep you


in your place,

Your mark


There he flies


For you

Saying the words that


In the dark

With your eyes


And he doesn’t even have wings




No moon light

To show you



Just wringing round

Hearing sounds like

uh uh


Finding peaks half way

Finding buttons

Down rays

Of sparkling dark



Lithesome tag

He realize it

And he’s got you twirling

round and round

His life

Right now


To surreptitious


Yet, with Bee you




Even though it’s still dim

You covet him

Down there

With your lips

You have no wings either

But, delicious


He likes your


For now yet, only hours

Have knowledge

of this place


and no friends can

find any space

to save you



to some

who would not

dare to come

to this hint


you have argued before

that a tag

is for sure

an open door

and now you know



Bee, he’s not through

With you

Just building lag

For your embodiment


When he’s done

When you’ve quit

Are you sure he won’t

Come back

Steal this



its just a lithesome tag

and you wanted Bee

to find it…

December 11, 2008

Sometimes the World is Full of Shit-Lesley

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My daughter mentioned to me in one of her poems in this blog asking, when she could stop the world on it’s axis


I thought about one…

poem to say…


Sometimes the World is Just Full of Shit


It sounds plangent,

When you hear yourself;

Say something…

 Then, the street passes by,

And you ask yourself what the…why?


At my age, finally,

I only react at all,

To teach,

I don’t even need to ask myself,

“Was I heard?”



Nobody understands themselves

Like “I,”


And who am I to judge that?

When sometimes the world is just full of shit.

December 7, 2008

Scalidi, Scalidi, Scalidi-Lesley

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The celebration starts with flutes of Moscato d’Asti-white wine and champagne mixed — a fruity, slightly sweet, spritzy wine (Italians drink it on Christmas morning too) — with home-canned vegetable antipasti and garlic-and anchovy-with crusty bread. Pasta, spinach or broccolini  (BROCCOLI) sautéed with garlic and pour a ½ cup of red wine. Gelato and scalidi — Italian fried cookies


 Scalidi, Scalidi, Scalidi

What were you thinking?


Warm bread

Warm fried bread

With honey

Isn’t everything suppose to be with honey

All those recipes


With honey

All those anniversaries

With honey

Give me more




Fried bread


Need the yeast

and the adorning hands

Need the lunch menu


Happen when

the bell Chimes at



you hear it



I can hear it

Fried bread

It’s Scalidi

Fried with honey-





December 1, 2008

Take This Ring-Anna

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Your laugh can fill these empty walls, along with your smile. Our world, as it is, drags on for miles. My heart ignites with fire at the mere thought of you. There could not be a better high then to be wrapped up with you too. Your kiss melts my knees and lifts my spirits. In these wild dreams I always find my peace. This heart and this mind is for yours to keep. I’ll always give the best to you as to never hear you weep. Your faults are not a concern, only habits you can re-learn. So stay with me through thick and through thin. I’ll always love you no matter what situation we’re in. With this new year we can start over, fresh and clear. Keep in mind your love for me and always be here. If we stick together we can get through anything. So take this as a gift and a promise. Take this ring.

November 19, 2008

My Canvas -Anna

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Blue-the emptiness in my soul.
Black-the hole in my dreams.
Red-the anger in these tears.
Green-the envy of my heart.
Purple-the jealousy in my thoughts.
Orange-the gapin my present.
Grey-the state of my emotions.
Pink-the dull in my spirit.
Yellow-the facade of my appearence.
Brown-the false in my hopes.
White-the clean canvas to start this painting over again.
I crumbled up the paper and threw it away. I burned the brushes to mix new paint. I washed down the dirty water to start clean. I began to paint this new dream. With softer strokes and wider lines, I’ll build new roads and I’ll take my time.

Erotic Love Story-Anna

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Imaging in slow motion the way you search for me across the room. I hide behind my fan hoping for you not to find me. My eyes study you as you survey the room and then you are lost in the crowd. Then from behind I feel the warmth of your breath and the soft whisper of your voice. Your arm wraps around mine and you lead me out to dance. Timid in my desire, I hesitate to come forward and take your hand. With no time to make up my mind, you grab at my waist and pull me in.

Waltz around the room holding on so tight as if for dear life. Your hand to my lower back brings butterflies to my middle and my heart jumps. I look up to see your eyes on nothing else but me. I cannot look away. I feel forever stuck in your gaze. My eyes finally then wonder down the curve of your nose to your lips. The very sight at which make my mouth water for your kiss. Tighter you pull so that I can feel every inch of your powerful body against mine. My knees shake at the pure desire I feel. I want to melt into your arms. You spin me around making me dizzier then I am with just the scent of you. I want to fling my head back and let you take me. Take me where we stand, where we dance.

The dance is coming to an end. How I wish to stay here in this moment forever. There you bow and I curtsy. As I turn to walk away and collect myself, I feel your rough hands on mine. You turn me around and escort me to the window. There we are covered by all. Covered so that none can see as you kneel on one knee and ask of me the thing I have longed for most. There you and only you can see the utter delight in my face. You gather your strength and stand to meet my gaze. Your beautiful brown eyes mesmerize me. Through this trance, everything feels like a dream.

Without a word you gently take my hand and pull me to another room. There you place the promise on my finger and kiss my hand. Up my arm your lips continue. My bare chest welcomes your touch. The silk embrace of my dress is gentle as it flows down. I tend to the buttons on your white collard shirt. There I reveal your strapping figure. My fingers lightly caress your solid chest. I am then distracted by your tough hand caressing my skin as you move from my chest to my small fragile neck. As your fingers twist in my hair I grab at you. I’ve never known a want like this. You then grab my hair and pull forcibly to show my neck to your soft full lips. Kissing my neck and caressing my figure, I melt into you. With your hand behind my head you gently lay me down on the large kinglike bed.

I can feel the sure power of you as you take me. In every thrust I moan. My finger nails dig into your sweaty bulging shoulders. My toes curl and my head leans back in this deepest of ecstasy. You put your hand on my chest with your fingers out stretched. Your other hand wrapped around my back. Then slowly you lift me. My breasts caress your face as your arms hold me closer and tighter. Together our bodies are as one. Our legs intertwine and our fingers connect.

Awaken to you. I watch as you sleep soundly. I’m taken back with your manly essence and your strong build. You hold me in one arm and there we lay for the morning sun.

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