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April 17, 2015

Expect an Audience

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If it is yourself and you found it right there

Then be happy


oh boy that is something else

Unless you get too old to even see yourself in




You will be frustrated again

Until heaven


July 8, 2014


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I am sure that the weirdness of the tornado that hit New York the day after I wrote this has nothing to do with it- maybe it does;;; I hate being me

Issues of today become tomorrows if you make them simple enough to

KEEP taking care every time,

they never go away,

just like the full extant of,

the wind mixing up its own mind,

I might think of that power in front of my eyes

and know all is not what it seems,

In this

I am sure I am definitely not probably wrong,

Propping up those words…or more

…They are forever happening.

June 6, 2013

It is a Brazen Conflict

if life seems fine then,

it turns always to a brazen conflict.

Something wrong certainly happens that day.


Of course if life tries to be at its worst,

there is definitely a brazen conflict.

With what seems to be precise demands that

the day or DAYS stretch forever, until they come to a STOP.


In this time, somehow the world has imposed itself,

asking for more momentum to…

build that shit up to start over again;I guess I expected to see the world circle round,

religion told me to, so did my parents wisdom, my grandparents drove it home with their unified message about

a brazen conflict and its vapor on love.

Did you not expect it?



March 2, 2011


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If you had to escape a nine story building should you dive or jump?
The shirtwaist factory workers made blouses for women. The machines got faster, so did the quotas. Women would be running their material through, accidently some finger would run through too and they pulled rags off their dresses to bandage the wounds WHILE THEIR EMPLOYERS DOCKED THEIR PAY FOR THE NEEDLE THEY BROKE OFF and the time they ‘waist’ed… plus… they locked the doors…it’s so…they.

December 20, 2008

FORTRAN, formula translator-Lesley

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So I am worried about my son going to Costa Rica with his asshole dad

who last year tried to throw him in jail in an airport, brought the cops up to question him

about nothing…they finally asked my boy…is this man bothering you?


Now because of some quirk of money the dad, mother fucker, can afford to take him to Costa Rica, and against my own apprehensions I said it will be a good experience……..kinda…..if the boy is arrested in an airport out of the country what do I do?





Angle to the left

not knowing what’s next

It’s something I want to say


I don’t fucking

Care what day


I don’t FUCKING  care


Isn’t that what you said

To me over an over again

I do care…


In some forbearing way




only relative


December 1, 2008


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Not because of what life has handed me.
Not because of school or my future.

Because of the fighting.
Not only between you and me,
Also between them and me.
Wish to be on an island somewhere in hiding.
If only you could see,
It is not all about you.
It’s about you getting better.
It’s about reawakening what we had too.
Hoping this new change will set their worries free.
They stress about my future,
Then turn around and stress me.
Wishing to stop the world on it’s axis for a moment of peace.
The fog in my mind ceases to stop.
The emptiness in my heart holding my down.
Now all the worries, the stress, and the fighting fills me, making me drown.

Because I’m stressed.

November 19, 2008

Forgive and Forget-Anna

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And so there they were, the letters that formed the words to which I never thought I’d hear him say or that I would read. They came as such a shock to me. My chest felt heavy and warm, and I couldn’t breathe. I gave myself a moment of silence. I wasn’t sure what to say. I sat up on the edge of my bed, then blankly walked to the shower and turned it on. I wasn’t sure what to do.

I got into the hot shower. The water boiling my skin, I stood there. Thinking to myself, “I couldn’t be angry, that would be hypocritical.” I was however upset. I know I had also been in the wrong, but it just didn’t sound like something he would do.

The fact that it did happen wasn’t what upset me. The fact that I put myself through hell and back to not loose him brought tears to my eyes.  Although I would do it again, I felt foolish for all those times I cried.

I feel now, I wish I was ignorant to the fact.

Yet it happened and I know.

So I forgive and forget and it shall remain water under the bridge. There is nothing anyone can do now to erase what had been done.

The day started so peaceful and loving. I was in happy spirits and ok with being by myself all day, as long as I could talk to him.

I fear since, I cannot smile and “I love you” makes me cry. I cry for him to be here, to hold me and make me smile. To look into those eyes and be safe within his arms is all I ask. I want to feel secure again, like there’s nothing in the world but us.

I cannot be alone today, I cannot worry my head. I know that things will be ok. I know I’ll completely forget. It may take some time for my mind to unwind. I love you with all my heart. I’m sure as sure can be that you’ll make me happy. There will always be those rough times and I know I can forgive. I believe it when you tell me you love me and that I will never forget.

Only a Dream-Anna

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Running downstairs to answer the door. Stumbling over my feet. Who could it be? Has the day finally come? Awake with tired eyes from lack of sleep the night before. But, how could I sleep, knowing what lies beyond the night? Do my eyes falter me? Shinning metal with a darkened blue figure. A lift of a hat and the face appears. My heart jumps and skips a beat. Flying sky high on a cloudy day. The wind drops me and picks me back up. The feeling makes my knees shake. Through the blurred vision of the glass on the door, I make out your face. Electricity fills my fingers as I grab the door knob and turn. Every night the stars shine on me and I wish upon the moon to see you again. As the door creeks open and I fall into your arms, it suddenly feels like a dream. I’ve missed you and your arms and your smile that drags from ear to ear. Now I have you. Deeper I gaze and the sun blurrs it out. My eyes open again to a darkened room. Silently the music plays in the background and the warmth of my bed caresses me. I understand now that I was dreaming. A dream through an anxious heart and reality reveals three more weeks and the dream can be real.


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Stuck on the line
Fenced in
Watching from behind
Losing what I thought I could win
Second time in a row
Hurt and broken
Tragic show
Shouldn’t have spoken
Complicating simple things
Leaving room for possibilities
Sadly bad timing
Will it or could it be?

no…. to much blocking the way

A Kiss-Anna

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Same pet names
Same faces
Same games
Same places
Originality would be greatly appreciated
Commit to what is true
Creativity is desired but not anticipated
Make this something new
Hold back the need to spread the love around
Let go of past disappointment
Listen to your heart’s new sound
Embrace this blissful enjoyment
Find truth in what you see
Take hold of this
Let your heart and mind agree
There’s magic in an everlasting kiss

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