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April 25, 2015

Arms tied behind my back

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I couldn’t do anything
Every night he wasn’t there
I couldn’t do a fucking thing

Not make dinner
Not bring home the stories
Not plan important
And non important junk
Not go anywhere but away
in 700 square feet


June 13, 2009

All the Things I Hear-Lesley

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It’s not rain falling,
These trees are being preserved to die.
I don’t get it;
I don’t want to face the danger,
With all the browned out,

December 24, 2008

Lithesome Tag-Lesley

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The truth is that verse in Ephesians 5 recognizes the differences in males and females in Christian marriage and assigns different roles for. I really like this poem because it is the description between the differences in each for thoughts on romantic sex.

It’s A

Lithesome Tag


No one locates it deep inside

It’s just yours

They can’t find it

Even if they look

Yet, it’s pliant


Then one day some

Bee’s wondering ways

come round

Old in town

Knows where to

Shake it up


Bring you out

Find the spot that

Seems to hide

Just enough

To keep you


in your place,

Your mark


There he flies


For you

Saying the words that


In the dark

With your eyes


And he doesn’t even have wings




No moon light

To show you



Just wringing round

Hearing sounds like

uh uh


Finding peaks half way

Finding buttons

Down rays

Of sparkling dark



Lithesome tag

He realize it

And he’s got you twirling

round and round

His life

Right now


To surreptitious


Yet, with Bee you




Even though it’s still dim

You covet him

Down there

With your lips

You have no wings either

But, delicious


He likes your


For now yet, only hours

Have knowledge

of this place


and no friends can

find any space

to save you



to some

who would not

dare to come

to this hint


you have argued before

that a tag

is for sure

an open door

and now you know



Bee, he’s not through

With you

Just building lag

For your embodiment


When he’s done

When you’ve quit

Are you sure he won’t

Come back

Steal this



its just a lithesome tag

and you wanted Bee

to find it…

November 17, 2008

Anna’s Opinion of a four letter word

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It’s sad that a four letter word can disappoint someone so much or maybe, it’s just me? All “I” know is, “I” have believed in this word all my life. Wondering when this action, this feeling was going to happen to me. Well maybe not happen but save me. I’ve been waiting for that fairy tale to begin and end in a “happily ever after.” Take me in a never ending twirl of laughter and kindness. I see it in movies, yet I have never seen what I am looking for in real life. Do people fake it? Is it real? An illusion of the mind is all I can thing of it to be.
The heart is only here to pump the blood through the veins to keep us alive. It’s not here to be “followed,” given away, or even broken. This is not a real medical condition; this is your mind tricking you into thing that a chemical “imbalance” in your brain is a feeling of “Love”
Lust maybe, but never really Love. This “thing” we call love, shapes us into who we are and really “it” may only be a sexual thing. Just something you want and when you trick yourself into believing, it is taken or lost. Then you’re left with the “broken heart.”
How many people do we say we love in our lifetime? This work is like the word “fuck.” It looses all meaning when used too much. There are so many songs, movies, writings, and pictures out that show us what love is or is suppose to be, but what is it “really?”
I think we find someone we are comfortable with (best friend types) and make it seem like love. You don’t want to loose that person you can talk to endlessly about absolutely nothing. That person you can walk around naked with and not be ashamed or insecure. He or she will be that “one and only” that you can kick it with without much confrontation. Unless you get into a flirting game of “Wrestle Mania” or a small conversation on your different views of some odd subject.
Keeping hope in love or believing in love is almost like believing in Jesus. You want so much to know it or he is there to keep you mind at ease. And, it comforts you to know there is a cushion at the end of a lonely road or a happily ever after. “Love” is a four letter word and it will always be a four letter word, but no matter how much a person is hurt, they always believe. For me, I will always “want” that fairy tale beginning and ending, but I know form experience it is harder to find then it looks in a book or a movie. I guess we can only really define love as our own; it’s whatever we make it to be.

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