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November 20, 2008

Fullmoon Floatsom-Lesley

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 Three live in town
one goes up and two go down
The river,

Little but special her look on the ride,
even though the trip up to heaven
is ticketed by
guardians suppose to make sure
she lives
NOT she dies,

In this river of theirs
or ours
in this time
of war,

But in war
soldiers come home
not ready to face
crying and whaling again…
in this place
called home
they crave

Paramedics come out
when the phone call comes in
as an accidental fate
in this river of half ridden

a father exclaims
“I fell down on her
from the stairs…”

She doesn’t float.
So the paramedics race
to take care of her
in this barge
and prison
war makes
for all…
of us,

Old wounds
and broken ribs
New wounds
too rich and new
to forgive.

too late
too much
too many
too young to tell about any
of her feelings,

like the flotsam
scores of
damaged and drifting

a sea of

St. Michael take her to the awaiting passion and protection of God.
on a fullmoon.


He said she was 4 months old
The mother, out in the field (that means army training)

The father in from Iraq, “tripping and
falling down the stairs
on top of her…”


Full Moon Floatsom

When my husband got there
the little girl had an old puncture wound to the liver and
a new one now…
She had fractures of old broken ribs
and a few more now,
she had a faint breath.
She was floating up river tonight.

He turns it in steps away.

I don’t know what to think
Except, stop this war on our young families
because they need to mature and understand themselves with their babies,
let them be defenders and protectors of their families first. Let time give responsibility and love a chance in such young Americans.

My husband cried because he didn’t know before today or in
his mind he could have stopped it, saved her

I, with usually little to say to his desperate experiences taking care

of soldiers, just had to believe SHE was on her warm way to heaven.



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